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 Boy imitates Ah Long in online video

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Boy imitates Ah Long in online video Empty
PostSubject: Boy imitates Ah Long in online video   Boy imitates Ah Long in online video Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2009 2:42 pm

Boy imitates Ah Long in online video

Boy imitates Ah Long in online video 20090125.010005_ah_long_boy

A Singaporean boy's homemade video caused some rife discussion on the local online forums lately, with Netizens disapproving of his imitating a typical illegal moneylender, or Ah Long, in the online clip.

According to local Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao, the boy, who looked no older than 10 years old, imitated an Ah Long demanding money from his debtors, and even threatened to cut the debtor's penis off if he didn't pay up.

The video seemed to be filmed in an alley near a local HBD estate, Lianhe Wanbao reported. They boy, who was still dressed in his school uniform, sat on a plastic chair with his left leg propped up like a typical gangster.

He then shouted at the camera, asking an imaginary debtor to "owe money pay money". He then got up from his seat and walked towards the camera, saying "Pay up, if not I'll chop you! If you don't pay up, I'll cut your penis off!"

The boy then proceeded to gesture his threat, and even unzipped his fly, revealing his white underpants.

As the 31 second video came to a close, one could hear the person behind the camera trying not to laugh.

Lianhe Wanbao wrote that a link to this video was posted on a local forum and angered the Netizens who disapproved of the boy's actions.

The Chinese daily said that most replies to the thread centred around Netizen's worry for the boy's future. One forum member wrote in reply to the post, "This boy looked no older than 10 years of age, but he's already behaving like this. What are our children learning nowadays?"

Another Netizen questioned the whereabouts of the boy's parents, wondering why they were not around to keep an eye on him or discipline him.

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Boy imitates Ah Long in online video
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