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 Are females bosses inferior to male bosses?

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PostSubject: Are females bosses inferior to male bosses?   Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:45 pm

Are females bosses inferior to male bosses?

Singaporeans prefer male bosses over female ones, reported my paper today.

A new study released by the Manpower Staffing Services on Tuesday revealed that out of 625 Singaporeans who were surveyed, only 2 per cent of men favoured female bosses over male bosses and 10 per cent of women hold high opinions of female bosses.

In total, only 9 per cent of Singaporeans surveyed reckon female bosses are better than male ones. This figure is significantly lower compared to other countries in Asia (13 per cent) and throughout the world (18 per cent).

Mr Wu Kun Hao, Senior Manager at The Global Manpower Professionals (GMP) Group pointed out that the proportion of female bosses is lower than male bosses and this could be due to perceptions of women in the workplace.

Female superiors are often stereotyped as emotional people who constantly have mood swings.

"Women have not been given a chance to prove themselves as very few of them held high positions in the past," Mr Wu told my paper.

Last year July, U.S. based Manpower Inc conducted this survey on a global basis across 33 cities with over 29,000 managers and chairmen.

The survey which was conducted in Singapore also revealed that more than half of (63 per cent) the participants did not have any preferences over male or female bosses. This number is much higher than the answers gathered on a worldwide basis (44 per cent).

Mr Hong Qi Shen from the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) believes that the reason behind this is because Singaporeans are more concerned over the capabilities of their superiors than their gender.

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Are females bosses inferior to male bosses?
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