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 LOVE LASTS? He's 37, she's 106 and they're still married after 3 years

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PostSubject: LOVE LASTS? He's 37, she's 106 and they're still married after 3 years   Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:39 am

LOVE LASTS? He's 37, she's 106 and they're still married after 3 years

February 17, 2009

RELATIVES, friends and neighbours couldn't believe it when he said he wanted to marry.

They said he must have been desperate for companionship.

For Mr Muhammad Noor Che Musa was 34 years old then and his bride, Madam Wok Kundor, was 103, almost three times his age.

But three years on, the couple are still happily married and living in Kampung Tok Bak, near Kuala Terengganu.

But it wasn't smooth sailing in the early days of the marriage.

Madam Wok told New Straits Times that some neighbours initially passed hurtful remarks at them.

Mr Muhammad Noor said: 'In the beginning, we were the talk of the town, if not the whole state and country. We ended up in the news a few times.

'But now, most of the people I care about, especially my family and close friends, have accepted Wok as my life partner. Most of our neighbours have also accepted that this marriage is for the long haul.'

His wife added with a laugh: 'I couldn't say the same about the press though, as from time to time, some newspaper or magazine from as far as Singapore, Indonesia, China and Japan will come looking for stories.

'They must have been disappointed to find out that we're living a normal life.'

'Sometimes, I just wish that people will leave us alone but I guess there's really no chance of that happening as there are not many 106-year-old women with 37-year-old husbands.'

Mr Muhammad Noor admitted it was not love at first sight. But the pair progressed from being friends to being married. Only death would part them, he said.

'I know some people are wondering why we decided to get married but rest assured that it has nothing to do with material things as we are living modestly on my income as odd-job labourer and Wok's RM200 ($84) allowance from the Welfare Department,' he said.

'I don't know how poor we are but we lost most of our worldly possession, including television set, washing machine, stove, fans and even our beds when our house was burgled in December. We have yet to replace some of the items.'

The most important thing, Madam Wok said, was that they had each other.

The secret to their blissful marriage?

Wok said that like most couples, they had some ups and downs but it was vital to remember not to go to bed angry with each other.

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LOVE LASTS? He's 37, she's 106 and they're still married after 3 years
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