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 Kidnapper reads Bible to victim for 3 days

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PostSubject: Kidnapper reads Bible to victim for 3 days   Thu Feb 19, 2009 6:25 pm

Kidnapper reads Bible to victim for 3 days

By Diana Fasanella
February 18, 2009 • 11:23 am

An Ohio man has been charged with kidnapping and assault after he held a homeless woman against her will and read the Bible to her for three days.

Troy Brisport picked up a woman in Detroit last week after she told him she had nowhere to sleep and brought her to his home some 55 miles away in Toledo.

After the victim fell asleep, Brisport handcuffed the woman’s wrists and angles, gagged her and undressed her. He then put an adult diaper on her.

During the ordeal, Brisport read Bible passages and tried several times to suffocate the victim with a pillow and blanket. She was not sexually assaulted.

After Brisport fell asleep three days later, the victim escaped wearing only a T-shirt and the diaper.

Brisport, 34, was charged with kidnapping and felonious assault. Bail was set Tuesday at $400,000.

Kidnappers’ bible: Thou shall not fall asleep while trying to suffocate someone.

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Kidnapper reads Bible to victim for 3 days
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