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PostSubject: Malaysia: COLD-BLOODED MURDER IN KLANG   Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:24 am


Thugs hold parang to her neck as they kill hubby

February 25, 2009

HER husband's screams will haunt Mrs R Kavita for life.

With a parang pointed at her neck, she could only plead for her family's safety as a group of men, who had earlier barged into her house, slashed her husband to death in the room next door.

Her husband Mr Sivanathan, a prominent contractor, was attacked while he was sleeping in his bedroom at Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2 in Klang, Selangor, on Sunday morning, reported New Straits Times.

It all began after Mrs Kavita opened the automatic gate of her double-storey house to drive to the market.

But her 3-year-old daughter, whom she left in the house, started crying and insisted on following her.

So Mrs Kavita got off her car and went into the house to take her.

And that was when three men brandishing parangs walked into the house.

Still in shock over the incident, she told The Star: '(They) told me that they will finish what they were there for.

'They put a parang to my neck and ordered me to keep quiet. I told them to take anything they wanted and not to harm us.'

The men, who were dressed in black, then pushed Mrs Kavita and her daughter into one of the rooms downstairs and told them to be silent.

She said: 'Moments later, I heard my husband screaming. Everything went quiet after that.'

The attack was so vicious that his knee caps and bones in his hands were exposed.

Gripped by fear, she waited for several minutes before making any move.

Screamed for help
Once she sensed there was no one in the house, she opened the room door and screamed for help.

Her neighbours rushed to her aid and alerted the police.

While waiting for the cops, none of them dared to enter the house, fearing the men might still be inside.

So some neighbours climbed on the roof of the porch and broke one of the windows of the master bedroom.

They saw Mr Sivanathan in a pool of blood on the bed, barely moving.

He was rushed to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, where he died about two hours later, due to excessive blood loss.

Police said nothing seemed to have been taken from the house. Mr Sivanathan's Mercedes-Benz remains parked in the porch.

However, police are on the hunt for Mrs Kavita's Perodua Kembara, whom they believe was the car the assailants fled in.

A neighbour, who declined to be named, said she noticed three men in their 20s standing beside a motorcycle at a junction across the couple's home earlier in the morning.

From the Johor vehicle number, police found out that the motorcycle had been stolen in Segambut. It was left at the house. Police are now looking at business rivalry as one of the possible motives.

Mr Sivananthan moved to Klang from Sungai Petani and has been involved in the construction business. Just last week, he was featured in one of the Tamil dailies.

Mrs Kavitha, who had to be consoled by friends and relatives in a neighbour's house, was heard saying that her husband had been receiving threatening calls but had treated them lightly.

A source told The Star that a close relative got a call telling her to warn Mr Sivanathan to be careful. The source said Mr Sivanathan found it difficult to collect money he had loaned some people and debtors had turned belligerent whenever he asked them to pay up.

But a grief-stricken Mrs Kavita could only say: 'My husband's screams will haunt me for the rest of my life. I don't know why anyone would want to do this to us.'

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